Chiropractic Safety: Outcomes of Usual Chiropractic; Harm (OUCH)

This just in from André Broussard, D.C.:

Walker et al selected 183 adults with back or neck pain in Perth, Australia.  Then, in twelve (12) chiropractic offices, patients received typical chiropractic care (92 patients) or a fake chiropractic treatment (91 patients).  Each patient was followed across two (2) office visits.

After the randomized trial, each patient was evaluated with a battery of paper forms, including the “Numerical Rating Scale, Functional Rating Index[1], Neck Disability Index, Minimum Acceptable Outcome Questionnaire, Oswestry Disability Index,” and asked their overall evaluation of the treatment.

References, Additional Reading

  1. See also Feise, Ronald J, and J Michael Menke. “Functional rating index: a new valid and reliable instrument to measure the magnitude of clinical change in spinal conditions.” Spine 26.1 (2001): 78-87.
  2. See Study protocol: Walker Bruce, Losco Barrett, Clarke Brenton, Hebert Jeff, French Simon, Stomski Norman. Outcomes of usual chiropractic, harm & efficacy, the ouch study: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial Trials. 2011;12:235+.

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