Hebert et al 2013 Compehensive review of serious adverse effects of SMT or CMT

In answer to Andrew Schafer‘s question, “So does this study give the stats on how many of the “providers” were licensed chiropractors? How many of them were PT’s DO’s MD’s?” Also addressing Sarah Graef‘s question, “[T]he abstract states ‘Adverse events consisted of cauda equina syndrome (29 cases, 38% of total)’, how is that possible?”

I extracted the following numbers from the full-text copy of the article:

DC ? DO Other Total
CES 15 10 2 2 29
Herniation 8 14 0 1 23
Fracture 8 3 1 1 13
Other 8 0 0 4 12
Totals 39 27 3 8 77

From this table, I created the following three charts:
Hebert et al 2013-Manipulation Provider by Adverse Outcome Hebert et al 2013-Distribution of Adverse Outcomes, All Providers Hebert et al 2013-Distribution of Provider Types, All OutcomesAs expected, the majority of providers were DC’s, because chiropractic physicians perform over 95% of all SMTs annually.

Providers listed as “Other” include one (1) of each of the following:

  • Napropath: Adverse outcome=CES
  • “Doctor”: Adverse outcome=Herniation
  • “Lay manipulator”: Adverse outcome=Fracture
  • “Traditional Healer”: Adverse outcome=Other
  • Physiotherapist: Adverse outcome=Other
  • Physician: Adverse outcome=Other
  • Chinese Kong Fu practictioner: Adverse outcome=Other

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