Looking for Bone Tumor Quiz

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I’m looking for a radiology quiz with the following features:
  • Images with multiple choice; correct answer given after.  Or,
  • Images without choices; I can guess and then check the answer
  • Ideally, I could limit the quiz to certain tumors, since our class has a smaller scope than a radiology residency
  • Similar to Univ. Michigan Anatomy quizzes, but for bone tumor radiology.
Update [3 Jul 2012, 12:20 PM]: A friend sent me a link to this page on radswiki.net, which pointed me to the following sites.  However, I haven’t vetted them yet (need to eat lunch):
  • Musculoskeletal Case studiesfrom LearningRadiology.com
    • See also MSK image library on same site.  While not in Q-A quiz format, this is exactly the information I want: image+diagnosis.
  • MSK & Soft Tissue cases from peer-reviewed MedPix (hosted on usuhs.edu): this is probably the best yet: over 1,400 cases with History (Hx), one ore more images, and then a “Show Answer” button to reveal the diagnosis (Dx).
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Searched for [ bone tumors quiz ] and [ radiology quiz ] in Google; hit the top three of each and here’s what I found from there:
Other useful radiology pages I found:

Still not satisfied;  if you find something better, please let me know.  Thanks!


2 comments on “Looking for Bone Tumor Quiz

  1. Clara says:

    http://www.imageinterpretation.co.uk/tumour.php with quiz at the bottom of the page. You need to create an account but it is free

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