Gmail insert hyperlink keyboard shortcut: undocumented and buggy

Just read about the “new” keyboard shortcut in Gmail: CTRL+K (Cmd+K on Mac) inserts a hyperlink while drafting a message. Tested and partially functional on Chrome 18.0.1025.142 on Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Update [10 Aug 2012]: Tested today, again on Chrome on OS X.  No change.  After inserting a link, either with the graphical toolbar or with the “new” keyboard shortcut, the display of the message is sent to the first line.  This is fine for short emails that all fit in the current textbox, but is kludgy when inserting a link into long emails.

Update [26 July 2012]: Tested again on Chrome on OS X.  Today, the cursor is left placed to the right of the link, as expected; however, the display of the text box is returned to the first line of the message.  With a long enough message, this puts the cursor out of view, similar, but different to the behavior observed last week.  I guess Gmail is back in beta after all.

Update [23 July 2012]: I tested it again today, using a different Google Chrome account, same browser version and OS X version: it works great: the cursor is placed immediately to the right (following) the new link.  This is a great feature that will increase my productivity when using the Gmail interface.  Thank you, Gmail Team!

Bug: Using new Cmd+K keyboard shortcut to insert hyperlink in Gmail why drafting an email places the cursor at the beginning of the email after inserting the link.

To reproduce:

  1. Draft long email, such that you have to scroll down
  2. Highlight text
  3. Cmd+K (Mac) or CTRL+K (Win) to insert hyperlink
  4. Paste or type URL
  5. Hit “Enter” or click “OK”
  6. Whao–what happened? Observe that the cursor has been moved from the highlighted text to the beginning of the message.


  1. After inserting link, scroll down to where you were in the message.

Oddly, I see the same behavior without using the keyboard shortcut. Has it always been broken like this?  Can anyone else please replicate the bug?  Thanks!


Looking for Bone Tumor Quiz

Cross-posted in NUHS Student Resources under Tri 7:

I’m looking for a radiology quiz with the following features:
  • Images with multiple choice; correct answer given after.  Or,
  • Images without choices; I can guess and then check the answer
  • Ideally, I could limit the quiz to certain tumors, since our class has a smaller scope than a radiology residency
  • Similar to Univ. Michigan Anatomy quizzes, but for bone tumor radiology.
Update [3 Jul 2012, 12:20 PM]: A friend sent me a link to this page on, which pointed me to the following sites.  However, I haven’t vetted them yet (need to eat lunch):
  • Musculoskeletal Case studiesfrom
    • See also MSK image library on same site.  While not in Q-A quiz format, this is exactly the information I want: image+diagnosis.
  • MSK & Soft Tissue cases from peer-reviewed MedPix (hosted on this is probably the best yet: over 1,400 cases with History (Hx), one ore more images, and then a “Show Answer” button to reveal the diagnosis (Dx).
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Searched for [ bone tumors quiz ] and [ radiology quiz ] in Google; hit the top three of each and here’s what I found from there:
Other useful radiology pages I found:

Still not satisfied;  if you find something better, please let me know.  Thanks!