Change of Plans

I wrote the following in response to this scholarship application question:  “Write a statement of at least 200 words giving your educational objectives. Include your career plans, and how your college work fits into your future.”

After finishing half of the coursework for a master’s degree in Computer Engineering, I felt impressed to withdraw from the program to become a chiropractor.  With the support of my academic adviser and my wife, I followed the impression and took a leap of faith.  I hadn’t taken a chemistry course for eight years, but I took three chemistry courses the next semester, along with psychology and physiology courses.  The switch has been difficult, but I remain comfortable and confident with this decision.  I am finishing the prerequisite courses this semester, and I have already received provisional acceptance from the  chiropractic university of my choice.

I will earn the Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from National University of Health Sciences, beginning May 2010 and finishing September 2013. Upon graduation and passing the board exams, I aspire to practice as a junior partner in a small clinic in rural Utah or in the Midwest. After 3-5 years, I expect to open my own clinic.

In addition to my own future practice, I currently help chiropractic clinics “go paperless.” I represent a computer consulting firm which provides software for practice management, document imaging, and electronic claim submission. I enjoy employing my unique background to serve both doctors and patients.

I haven’t submitted the application yet, and I would sincerely appreciate feedback on how this can be improved.  Thank you.


One comment on “Change of Plans

  1. Sara H. says:

    It’s good, James. Clear, concise, grammatically in good shape. My only suggestion would be to sub out the word “impressed” and “impression” because those are LDS catchphrases that won’t necessarily translate in the world at large. Good luck with the application!

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