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Magnets for Ghana

Hello all,

There is a charitable organization (Empower Playgrounds) making merry-go-rounds that generate electricity for school children in Ghana.  My sister in law, Elizabeth, was in the group of BYU students that helped build the merry-go-rounds.  I watched a video about it on BYUTV a while ago.  I was touched when the builders wanted to teach the children how the merry-go-round generated electricity, and explained that there was a magnet inside it.  The children didn’t know what a magnet was!  I thought, I have a ton of refrigerator magnets I am not using, they can have those.  I made contact with the Executive Director of Empower Playgrounds and she said they could use all I could collect.  She said it doesn’t matter if they say, “Joe’s Pizza” on them or they are a teddy bear magnet.     She said they are putting together some science kits, and could use all kinds of things.   Any toy that has a magnet inside it to make it work would would be good too.   The flashlights that work by shaking them are a good example.  I am going to take all I have collected up to their Provo office in the middle of January.  They are taking another trip to Ghana around that time and can take the magnets to the children.    If you want to donate your magnets and other things please get them to me before I go.  Thanks!

Update (5 Dec 2009):

Oh, forgot another needed thing is iron things to stick the magnets to like cookie sheets, with iron in them of course.


Sarah M. Hall
Executive Director
Empower Playgrounds
3214 N. University Ave. #501
Provo, Utah, 84604

Mobile: 801-822-2973
Web Site:

Update (4 Jan 2010):

Hello all,

I am collecting magnets for school children in Ghana.  I have already collected several.  I am taking them to Provo on Jan. 28th, so please get me your unwanted magnets before I go, or get them to Provo by then.  Please don’t go buy magnets.  Please donate the money instead.  They want to make some standard science kits which they need money for, but they can use any magnets you already have.

Thanks for helping!