“I’m Feeling Lucky” Gmail Search, please

Dear Gmail team,

Thank you for making Gmail one of the quickest email clients. I love being able to open Gmail (with Chrome) in a snap and find messages with simple, powerful searches. I have a suggestion to improve message retrieval: Please add an “I’m Feeling Lucky” email search in Google Labs.

This morning I logged in to triage my inbox. After archiving a few and marking others as spam, I reached for a message at the top of my “All Mail”: I searched for a message I had recently archived, and I knew it would be first in the search results. While I waited for 3 seconds for the search results page to load, I spend the extra time thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could just do an ‘I’m feeling lucky’ search on my email?” I would replace the “Search the web” button with “Lucky search” or something like that.

As I look back on my Gmail habits, I realize that I repeatedly search for a particular message.  I quickly learn which search string will plcae the message at the top of the search results.  An “I’m feeling lucky” search would help me not only when racing through emails, but it would help me time and time again.  (Yes, I know I can bookmark search result URLs or use “quick links” in Gmail for recent searches.)

FYI, I never use the “search the web” button. For me, when I want to quickly search the web from Gmail, I simply do

  1. CTRL+T (new tab in Chrome)
  2. Start typing search string…

This is far better than web search in Gmail:

  1. ‘/’ (keyboard shortcut for search box)
  2. Type search string
  3. <Tab>
  4. <Tab> (to reach “Search the web” button)
  5. <Enter>

I know this is somewhat off topic, but it further explains why I don’t need the “Search the web” button in Gmail. Web search in Chrome’s unified address bar (or Google Toolbar for other browsers) gives dynamic results as I type. Results come from history, common websites, and suggested searches. This is such a great search feature.  That is why searching with Chrome is only two steps before I start seeing search results, not five steps with “web search in Gmail.”

James Carroll