Why I dropped Chandler

Over a year ago, I heard of Chandler PIM; Chandler aims to be the software incarnation of David Allen’s Getting Things Done philosophy, or GTD.  It’s a refreshing take on information management: they merge the concepts of notes, messages, events, and tasks.  If you’re curious, I recommend their 3-minute tour or the Chandler “vision.”  I used Chandler for a semester, from September to December; however, I decided to switch methods for three reasons:
  1. While Chandler works fine as a personal PIM, the real “magic” comes as groups collaborate and coordinate projects.  (I was using it alone)
  2. I lacked a mobile device to sync with Chandler.  (I didn’t have my calendar and task list with me at all times.)
  3. Despite their leap from 0.7 Preview to Version 1.0, I don’t think the Desktop app. is polished enough yet, and I don’t think the web-based interface is stable enough.  (I’m using Linux; maybe it works fine on a Mac.)

If your work group consists of “information workers,” I recommend you (all) try Chandler for a month or two.  If it flows, great; if not, fine.  I’d be especially happy to hear your experiences.