What is this.

Who are
you and what are you
doing here.

What do you
think. Pray and do.
In what do you believe.

Why. What are the
underlying principles

What is real.


One comment on “What is this.

  1. David Carroll says:

    I am an individual. I belong to several groups, including my immediate family, my extended family, my religion, my country. I am one who worships Almighty God and I am here to do His will. At the present that means dedicating my life to my family. For that end I will soon be working on furthering human space exploration.
    I think about how to improve my relationship with God. I have many difficulties in doing that, but I do try. I think about how to prepare for the future. Too bad this life is full of so much chaos. It gets in the way of the best laid plans sometimes.
    I believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and in the gospel they preach. I believe in being honest with those you love the most and in dealing fairly with everyone.
    Truth is that which, when seen and understood completely, can be agreed upon by all, even when it is not acceptable or convenient. Reality is the construct on top of which we build our beliefs. Reality must be truth. We interpret and twist reality to fit our belief structures, but reality is there, underneath the matrix of hopes, dreams, denials and lies that we want to believe as the actual reality we hide from.

    Such an existential posting. What’s got your mind pondering lately?

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