Why do I love to work at Intel?

  • I am free to pilot my own career
  • I am expected and encouraged to produce meaningful results
  • I am surrounded by intelligent engineers
  • I have my own cubicle
  • Because it’s Intel! Need I say more?
  • Because it’s huge! Intel has so many employees, they are like their own nation, complete with a unique language, culture, and political system.
  • The “political system” of Intel is a meritocracy
  • Everything is cool. Everyone is working on a cool project.
  • It is relatively easy to move around, enabling people to find their dream job.
  • It’s the best job I’ve ever had
  • I get paid to exercise a hobby
  • I can learn from people with a myriad of experiences.
  • Where else, outside of the Bay Area and New York City can you find such a cosmopolitan culture?
  • Where else do you find the Core Values such as
    • Quality
    • Discipline
    • Risk Taking
    • Results Orientation
    • Customer Orientation
    • A Great Place to Work

My wife loves Intel because

  • It’s very structured and organized
  • It’s very grey, which goes so well with that other shade of grey, and that bluish grey…
  • Everything is focused towards getting the job done.

My wife loves that I work at Intel because

  • Because the corporate atmosphere is so results oriented, I’m motivated to do my best work
  • It’s Safe