I recently return home from a marvelous trip to Tonga with about 25 other students and two professors from BYU. It was wonderful!

In short:

  • When: May 8 – 22 (14 days, including 2 days of travel)
  • Purpose of trip: Demonstrate to the Kingdom of Tonga how to convert coconut oil into biodiesel
  • It went very well; we were given an audience with the honorable minister of agriculture, the honorable minister of tourism, and the husband of the princess (the Tongan prince).
  • The government will decide what to do with the information.
  • Yes, you really can convert coconut oil (and many other vegetable oils, including used cooking oil) to make diesel fuel


Over 300 photos from Katey O’Laughlin:

Photo albums hosted on the official EWB-BYU website:

Additional Information / News:

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One comment on “Tonga

  1. That’s really cool. I saw the story on BYUs homepage and even submitted it to Digg(got 17 Diggs),

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