Talking with liars

What do you do when you are talking with someone who begins to tell you lies? For example, suppose you are talking with a man who insists, “The Mormons worship Joseph Smith! It’s in the Book of Mormon!” What do you say?

Argue with them
Pull out a copy of The Book of Mormon and ask him, “Show me. Where is it?” That won’t do anything.
Ignore them
It seems that this is allowing them to teach others a lie.
Love them
How did Christ love people that taught lies? How can we “love the sinner and hate the sin”?

3 comments on “Talking with liars

  1. Connor says:

    In my mind, loving them doesn’t preclude the necessity and importance of correcting their error. In the D&C we’re told to reprove betimes with sharpness, and then show an increase in love. Error and misinformation must be corrected and truth defended and promoted. Tip-toeing and being PC for the sake of not offending people and “loving them” does more damage than good.

  2. David Carroll says:

    Reproving with sharpness and showing an increase of love afterwards applies to how a father disiplines and directs his family. I agree that errors must be corrected, but sometimes it is better to simply give your opinion and walk away. I know a great exaple of exposing the lies. There is a series of books called They Lie in Wait to Deceive. In this series the Arizona couple catalogs the mistakes and lies of the most prevelant and popular anti-Mormon literature. They have ended the careers of anti-Mormon preachers. The only way to expose a public lie is with a public accounting of the lie, and a witness to the truth.


  3. nosy family member says:

    Before deciding how to deal with “someone who begins to tell you lies,” you have to humbly consider that what they’re telling you may not actually be a lie. No one knows the absolute truth of anything, so it’s probably better to evaluate what they’re telling you with as open a mind as possible before coming up with a response. It’s likely that the person telling “lies” thinks they’re telling the truth, and the wisest of us listens more than speaks.

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