How to handle the “Santa issue”

In response to Connor Boyack’s post on whether or not parents should tell their children that Santa is real:

I would offer the following, real-life example.  My brother have five children, ages 11 and under.  From the time he and his wife had the first child, they decided that they would tell their children the truth, including the truth regarding Santa Claus.  Every Christmas, they calmly explain that “Santa” is a game that people play.  He does not exist and is not real.  On Christmas morning, when the children open their gifts, they ask their children, “Who are your presents from?” and they make sure that the children answer “From Mommy and Daddy.”  Despite all this, the children insist that their parents are wrong.  They insist that Santa is real.  They continue to believe, even without the support of their parents.

I think this is the best way to handle the issue.  There are several arguments for and against pretending that Santa is real.  I would ask, of all those who advocate pretending with their children, do you have any examples of people who tell their children the truth?  Does anyone have any evidence to suggest that telling your children the simple truth from the beginning is bad or damages the children?

What do you think?


One comment on “How to handle the “Santa issue”

  1. Connor says:

    I have no problem with the children believe of their own accord, whether it be by the unfortunate influence of media or peers. But children should grow up cultivating an unwaivering confidence of trust in their own parents. Parents shouldn’t lie to their children, especially over something as unimportant as this.

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