We must migrate

Munich embraces Linux at last – ZDNet UK News:

The City of Munich has finally started to migrate to Linux on the desktop, a year later than planned.

The local government in the German city has transferred 100 users in the Lord Mayor’s department to a Debian configuration, and it intends to migrate 80 percent of its PCs by mid-2009.

Costs for the project appear to be rising. Total internal and external costs are now expected to be €35m, up from a figure of €30m quoted by the government three years ago.

Schiessl refused to make a comparison. “We do not have a goal to compare total cost of ownership. Microsoft stopped supporting NT 4.0, so we must migrate.”

It’s that simple: “Microsoft stopped supporting NT 4.0, so we must migrate.”  Go free software!



Web based photo management

Photo management will never be ideal until it is web-based, with version control.  What is that?  It’s Picasa, but modified so that the repository of photos is located on the internet, so that you can:

  • access it from anywhere,
  • share with family, friends, or the world, and
  • collaborate: sharing not only photos, but modifications thereof


Cambodia to make adultry a crime

Way to go, Cambodia!

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) – Cambodia’s parliament passed a law Friday which could send adulterers to jail for up to a year.
“This law is also aimed at reducing corruption, because when government officials have more women, they seek more financial sources to support their girls,” National Assembly Chairman Heng Samrin said.Sam Rainsy, chief of his eponymous opposition party, was not impressed.
Many married Cambodian men keep mistresses if they can afford them and the government argued that making adultery a criminal offence would help shore up the family.

Cambodia passes adultery law, opposition walks out | Oddly Enough | Reuters.com


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