Spend, Spend, Spend

Brighter ’06 Deficit Outlook, but Long Term Looks Grim

The New York Times > Washington > Image > Graphic: The Deficits Ahead

Why can’t the U.S. government, and more of its citizens, learn the importance of saving, of being frugal. Why do we think that we can continue to spend, and that the debt will never catch up with us?Someday, not far distant, the national debt will cause millions to suffer and shake their fists at us, their fathers.


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One comment on “Spend, Spend, Spend

  1. It’s pretty depressing that 100% of our income tax is used to pay off the interest to the “Federal” Reserve, which creates our Federal Reserve Notes (also known as currency) out of thin air, with no backing. I don’t see the deficit getting any better, unless by some miracle Mitt Romney (who saved the SLC Olympics financial crisis) is elected to the office.

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