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I have This blog began as a cat blog. “What’s that?” you asked. The term was coined by Seth Godin; he explained it as follows:

Three Kinds Of Blogs

Yes, I know there are two kinds of people in the world—those that believe that there are two kinds of people and those that don’t. But there really and truly are three kinds of blogs.

Cat Blogs
are blogs for and by and about the person blogging. A cat blog is about your cat and your dating travails and your boss and whatever you feel like sharing in your public diary. The vast majority of people with a cat blog don’t need or want strangers to read it….
Boss blogs
are blogs used to communicate to a defined circle of people. A boss blog is a fantastic communications tool. I used one when I produced the fourth-grade musical. It made it easy for me to keep the parents who cared about our project up to date… and it gave them an easy-to-follow archive of what had already happened….
Viral blogs
The third kind of blog is the kind most people imagine when they talk about blogs. These are blogs like instapundit and Scoblelizer and Joi Ito’s. Some of these blogs are for individuals (call them citizen journalists or op-ed pages) and others are for organizations trying to share their ideas and agendas. These are the blogs that are changing the face of marketing, journalism and the spread of ideas. I want to call these Viral Blogs.
They’re viral blogs because the goal of the blog is to spread ideas. The blogger is investing time and energy in order to get her ideas out there. Why? Lots of reasons—to get consulting work, to change the outcome of an election, to find new customers for a business or to make it easier for existing customers to feel good about staying.

Source: Who’s There, an eBook by Seth Godin, emphasis added.

What is my target audience?  Me, and anyone else that wants to read.  Sincerely, I would love it if my family and friends recognized that it is through email and a blog that I express myself.  Sincerely, I would love it if they all read it.  However, I cannot expect anyone to do so.

Update: Sometime in 2008, the nature of this blog changed from a cat blog to a viral blog. (16 Feb 2009)

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2 comments on “Cat blog

  1. Pam says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I have a private “Cat” blog and a Viral Blog. You can check out my viral blog at


  2. […] it’s not a cat blog, I consider The Fearless Blogger to be a personal blog in that I blog about things that interest me […]

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